Friday, November 23, 2012

I've Won!!

I am SO excited to learn that I've won Elizabeth's recent giveaway, posted here.  And I won, not one wonderful prize, but two.

Excited probably isn't the best description though - maybe over-the-top, jumping-up-and-down and wanting-to-dance happy would be closer, lol. 

I'd been sitting at my computer when I read Elizabeth's email and let out a very loud 'Woot' and then immediately had to get up and burn off some of that happy dance energy, singing 'I've won!  I've won!  Woohoo! I've won!'  My movements may be limited, but moving was the only way to deal with that level of energy. 

What, exactly, did I win?  The first was this beautiful pillow with it's colorful and whimsical art: 
A bicycle, bird, flower and hearts - what's not to love??  This is one pillow that I won't be sharing with my grandson.  I love him to pieces, but he's a toddler - and messy like most toddlers.  No messes on my new pillow, please!

The second is a place in the upcoming E-Course: Mixed Media-From an Original to Multiple products, which begins in early January!
With all of my focus having been on getting through several major flares (I've called them my A-Z flares because everything had massively amplified - pain and other symptoms from my fibromyalgia, arthritis, degenerative disc disease and feet), making huge lifestyle changes and finding ways to survive with a severe shortage of income, I haven't been making art.

I think that the New Year will see me in a new, healthier and more balanced place, and being in Elizabeth's course will definitely help to give me new incentive and motivation to bring art back into my life.  Woohoo!  I am SO ready!

You can find more information about the course by clicking the link above.  Maybe we'll be classmates!  Be sure to visit Elizabeth's shop, gallery and blog too!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A New Class - And A Giveaway

Are you interested in evolving your art into products to sell?  Multiple products?  Need some help with strategies, planning, pricing and selling?  Well, then I think I've found the perfect class for you!
Elizabeth Gonzalez spent twelve years in ceramics before falling in love with mixed media in 2009.  Her work adorns homes throughout this planet of ours!  The information on her newest class, Mixed Media: From An Original to Multiple Products can be found here and you can also visit her website where you'll find links to her gallery, blog and shop.

Oh, and please - check out her wonderful giveaway!  She's offering six different gifts/products and multiple ways to enter.

The giveaway is on her blog, so check it out and see the lovely things she's giving away.  I love her artwork...but there's also a chance to win a spot in her class.  But you need to hurry - the giveaway closes on November 20, 2012!

And yes, it's been a long time since my last post, I know!  I promise an update soon.