Saturday, June 16, 2012

Gifts Of Compassion

Gifts of Compassion is a new project started by Sung-Hee Regina Hong, who was inspired to create something that would benefit the people whose stories she had featured on her blog The Beauty Of Sorrow .

The project, now in its beginnings, consists of an Etsy shop  featuring art created by those people – all of whom live with chronic illness, depression and/or disabilities or have healed while moving through major life challenges.  Our art has enabled us to move through our challenges with grace, gifting us with healing and keeping us connected to ourselves and the world around us.
It’s Regina’s dream; our dream; to be able to share those gifts, and facilitate them within you,  and to give each of you a simple, healing way to connect with the people in your life.
 It’s also our dream to nurture and build a form of income for ourselves.  For some of us, our challenges have affected our ability to have, and keep, mainstream employment.   This is especially true for me.  For others, it is part of who we are, to want to earn an income doing something we love so well; that we can put body, heart and soul into our work and offer it to you from our hearts.
There are currently 37 postcards available through Gifts Of Compassion, highlighting the work of seven very different artists, with five more artists being added in the very near future.  Each artist has a title, such as King of Sorrow or King of Lupus.  I’d like to introduce them here and if you click on their names, you’ll be able to read their stories on the Beauty Of Sorrow blog. 

Sung-Hee Regina Hong - King of Sorrow

"...a creative way of looking at pain, healing by sharing sorrow, and letting people know that they are not alone and that we are there for each other."

Jijo Jacob - King of Faith

Keri Colestock - King of Lyme Disease

"My art was my saving grace as staying home in bed was not an option."

Ady Almanza - King of Friendship

Nancy Baumiller - King of Woman/Women

"We have choices...and choosing to be happy is the greatest one! Self-love!"

Lainey Parker - King of Artistic Depression

"There are statistics that show a higher percentage of artists, writers, and other creative souls deal with depression more so than other types of people."

Cynthia Hanna - King of Fibromyalgia/Disabilities

"Art connects me with my intuition and provides me with a symbolic, visual language…a way to process whatever comes up, whether it’s joy, pain or any or the myriad things between. And sharing the process of learning, experimenting, healing is healing in itself…"

We invite you to watch the video (above), to visit the Gifts of Compassion shop, and to share both our art, our shop and our purpose with others - and of course, to purchase our healing, uplifting art for yourself and others in your lives.