Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doing the Happy Dance

I love visiting other peoples blogs. Making new discoveries, being inspired and awestruck at the things others create and lifting my spirit with color and creativity!  There is so much talent, beauty and simple awesomeness online.

And I'm always on the prowl for creative resources - especially those that fit my current budget, which is zero.  Yes, truly zero.  My creativity has been drastically curtailed, not because I've run out of materials, but because I dread the day that I do.

When I do find resources, it's time for a happy dance and a heart felt hallelujah!  Seriously, I wish I could tell each person that offers freebies just how much their generosity means to me; how much their thoughtfulness feeds my soul!

As just one example, today I was visiting April Cole's blog (you should definitely visit!). She's a wonderful artist and each week she features Friday's Lovely Links highlighting online discoveries that she's made.  And one of her links was for free chevron patterned papers.  Hooray!

When I clicked the link, I was taken to Mel Stampz and it truly was time for that happy dance, lol.  Not only did I find links for the chevron papers, but also thirty-nine (yes - 39!) other gorgeous papers.

And a wonderful page full of links to templates - tons of templates.  Moustaches, dress forms, animals, birds, tags - more than 100 separate items!
And to top it all off, she has tutorials!  I love her Ribbon Spool Box with hidden compartment

but there's so much more - including one that will teach you how to access and print the papers, collections, templates and printables that she has stored on her Flickr account!

So, my creative gypsies, join me in my happy dance! Have fun visiting, exploring and creating with all the generous, gorgeous gifts on this wonderful site!

If you have a site or blog of your own that includes freebies, I'd love to feature it here!  Or, if you know of someone else who offers them.  Just let me know in the comments and I'll be in touch.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Creativity from the Couch

This is a project done while I was relegated to the couch during my recent extended flare up of fibromyalgia and pain.

One of the things that I dreaded about flare ups was that my ability and energy for creating would drastically drop or disappear altogether. I wanted and needed a way to work around that when it happened.

I decided to organize a few supplies that I could easily access, keep near me on the couch, and use on my roughest days. I repurposed several large styrofoam meat trays - the kind you get when you buy a family pack of meat.

They work perfectly, with enough room for a few supplies, and they stack and store well in my craft closet.

The project that you see in the photos here (except for the frames) was made using the supplies on one tray. On that tray, I stored pages from a vintage book and hymnal; homemade alcohol ink sprays, brads, several colors of acrylic paint, tissue paper and thin wire.
Using the book pages, I cut each shape out by hand and then colored them with the sprays (except for the tissue paper). I followed up with assembling each flower and butterfly individually. Each day, I stored whatever I had made in small ziploc bags; partly for organization and partly to keep them out of easy reach of my grandson, lol.

For this project, I painted the backgrounds in acrylic and then layered over that with tissue paper. I used the same tissue paper in both pictures. I arranged flowers and butterflies on the background and, once I was happy with the composition, I attached them to the background. I finished up by stamping a relevant quote or saying on each one.
I have these hanging on the wall above my desk, next to the bulletin board that I posted earlier. I smile every time I look at them!

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