Saturday, April 30, 2011

How's Your Bibo?

"Garbage in, garbage out" was a nice catchy little phrase that was popular when I first started using computers, meant to show that the quality of data input affected the quality of output.  And I get it - really, I do!  But the concept has so much more relevance for our lives that I'd like to change the phrase to reflect that.
It could be "Good In, Good Out".  Or "Quality In, Quality Out".  Or even "Light In, Light Out"...hmmm, maybe not that last one, lol!  It could also be "Beauty In, Beauty Out" (Bibo).  This one makes me laugh because "bibo" is what my grandson calls his belly button.  And since the belly button is the result of our first physical connection to Source, I think that the symbolism is pretty damn awesome!
Thought, word and deed have incredible power to change your life, with thought operating at one level in creating your reality; what you verbalize or otherwise express at the next level, and what you do at the highest level of creative power.
"The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind."  ~ William James, psychologist
As I settle in to a new location and deal with the uncertainties, challenges and crises arriving in my life, I've found myself struggling with this; with feeling overwhelmed and sidelined with doubts, negativity, fear.  It took a reminder from my daughter "Mom, remember:  thoughts become things!  Choose the good ones" to move me in more positive directions.

And it's true - what we take in affects (and this includes self-talk) what we put out and what we receive and experience as reality on every level of our existence.  If my mind is focused on negatives then that focus gives those negatives power.  If I'm surrounded by negative people, it's harder to remove myself from that negativity.  But just as we react to other people's moods, words and projections, we also react to our own.
The things I allow into my life affect me on subtle, but very real levels.  If I believe that I am unworthy, unloved, incapable of good; if I choose to believe in my insecurities and uncertainties then life conspires to fulfill those beliefs and make them a part of my reality.
There are times in everyones lives that negatives can't be avoided; times when, like this past week for me, there are crises to deal with, or times when we truly need to cry or grieve.  A lesson that I continue to learn is that it's important not to submerge ourselves in them.  Acknowledge them; honor them as part of your life experience; process them and move on.  Actively look for the positives around you.  Honor yourself by learning how to change your creations into positives! 
The patterns of your life won't change overnight, but time and practice will truly help.  Reminders are good - they work!  They can serve to call us back to ourselves and realign our lives with our joy and our positive creative power.  As Oprah stated "The smallest change in perspective can transform a life.  What tiny adjustment might turn your world around?"'s your Bibo??


  1. Wow, this is so true - get caught up especially at work in the complaining and negativity. Need to switch over to positive energy! Thanks for posting about the giveaway - wow - goodies from Lord Tim Holtz, YUM.

  2. Well, my bibo is not so great. Truth is this blog made me do so reflection on my life. The beauty from all that has been put into my life, although not at all the greatest, it was my prospective that changed the negative into positive thus resulting in a life that is better then most. This article helped me to keep my focus on the good things life has to offer, instead of dwelling on the past. Great blog mum! <3 you Cindy.

  3. I soo like how you've put this ....I am a big believer in what you say here and I really 'struggle' when i don't feel soo good or life deals me a crisis ..and the negative thoughts creep back even after being carefully filtered out! it can be soo hard ... I find it especially hard when there is a lot of negativity in the language and attitiudes used around us ... so lets spread the BIBO x
    p.s. lovely to see this on Wild Precious there's lots of BIBO there.

  4. I love that: BiBo - and the significance of the word :) Your page is lovely and affirming; I need to remember this message for myself. x

  5. Thanks for your insight, wisdom and "positivity" Cynthia! And thanks to your grandson for his contribution to this very powerful post!



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