Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Update

Easter almost passed me by this year.  I don't think that it would have registered on my radar if it weren't for my grandson!  To all of you who celebrate, I wish you an Easter holiday and season filled with blessings.

I'm settling in at our new location - as much as possible until I find a place of my own.  I love it here so far.  Ontario is a small town; just a little bit country.  There is a carpet of stars in the night sky; I can look up and see the constellations and a hint of the Milky Way.  But the sky, day or night time, seems so vast!  In more than a week, I've only seen one small plane flying overhead.  The air here has a precious clarity and freshness too.
Looking out the front door of my daughter's apartment, I can see a field that's home to a few cows and an occasional horse.  Beyond that, and beyond the highway, is the Snake River.  And on the other side of the river, I can see hills in Idaho still dusted with snow.
A neighbor has chickens and a rooster who loves to greet each day.  It seems like a clarion call to me, urging us to wake up and celebrate new beginnings; to sing new songs and create things anew.  Oh, and for those who like to nap in the early afternoon, he also has a special mid-day call, lol!
And this IS a new beginning; an adventure...I can't wait to see what new discoveries I make...

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