Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hooray! My first post!

I’m two weeks away from a major move across state.  Preparing for it is challenging – trying to get everything done while also focusing on keeping my fibromyalgia symptoms and pain levels to a minimum.
I’m also practicing a bit of faith and not yet packing all of my art supplies.  Somewhere in all the activity and exhaustion there will be time for art!  As my two year old grandson says “Art!  Make art!  Me! Me! Me!”  He shares my heart, lol!
This blog, and my move, are the first steps on my newest grand adventure!  I’m winging both on the encouragement of the amazing people I have in my life, both online and off;  the belief that life, and all it entails, is essentially good and knowing that I have gifts yet to gather and yet to give.
I appreciate you being here and welcome you to sharing the adventure with me!

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  1. A new adventure is always grand! But it takes a lot out of us the older we get! I'll look forward to following you on your new blog! xoxo



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