Thursday, December 8, 2011

WooHoo Wednesday!

Oops!  I know I've missed Wednesday by an hour or so (at least in my time zone) but WooHoo Thursday just doesn't do much for me, lol.  
I’ve had a wonderful response to the new ‘Toot Your Horn Tuesday’ celebration on my Creative ARTitudes Facebook page, so I’ve decided to follow up with ‘WooHoo Wednesday’ as a way of showing my appreciation – and as another way for posters on my Facebook page to share their creative magic. 
All of the links shown here will be to personal pages, blogs, shops, tutorials, giveaways, etc.  I encourage you to explore the links, visit the sites (and yup, you can leave a message saying that I sent you – I won’t mind!) and have fun making new discoveries and new friends.
I considered posting alphabetically, but will instead list everyone according to the sequence in which their posts were made on Creative Artitudes Facebook page.  
If you see a link to your page, etc and you would prefer that you not be included, simply send me a private message on Facebook ( and I’ll make the change.
And now, meet the talented people who stopped by to toot their horns yesterday!  The first link for each person will be to their Facebook page and the others will be noted as blog, shop, group, etc.
Brian Leverton  Blog  Brian's wonderful art
Jeanne Fry   Blog  Conscious Art Studio “art and music that is meant to speak to you on a visual, emotional, and consciously aware level.”
Soozii Parkes  Blog  Soozii's Artwork   a variety of wonderful art – nudes, abstract and impressionist, animals, sea and landscapes, portraits.
Carol Desjarlais  Group:  Goddesses, art, poetry, discussion   Book:  Shhhhh!! A Creation Story  The book has great reviews!
Sharon Prater Pope  Blog   Moxie Blue - Sketches From Rabbit Hop 
Jody Lebrun    Etsy  Creative Life By Design  Website  Creative Life By Design
Dena Anderson    Etsy  Tribe Zen Creations
Kelly Donovan    Etsy  Knitting and Things
Andrea Nicole Plotts  Website  Welcome to Mountain Rose  Store  Mountain Rose Store  YouTube  Mountain Rose Videos
Alan Murphy    Book  PsychoSilly Wonderful children’s book illustrated with colorful collages  
Patricia    Website    Eccentric Aesthetics   Photography, Mixed Media Art, Funky Accessories                                                                                                                                  
Donniece Smith   Blog   Thirteen Threads From the Wild Heart
Laura Attuquayefio (Lola) 
Donna Harris   Blog   My Art Journey
Boriqua Rebel   Etsy   The Black Owl Jewelry
Kelly Donovan   Blog   Knitting and Things  YouTube  Knitting and Things Video
Jozette Rodriquez   Fan Page  Angelique Awakening  Creative Divine Wisdom for Your Life    Business   Serenity Social Media
Erin Ford   Shop  Whimsy By Erin
Linda Roberts Stewart   Blog   Stewalynn Studio   Zazzle   Stewalynn Creations Ebay  Stewalynn
I'd love some feedback!  Did you visit some (or all) of the links?  Did anyone visit you?  Is WooHoo Wednesday (and it will be on Wednesdays!) something you'd like to see continue?  Hearing from you will let me know whether or not this is worth my time and effort to do on a regular basis :) 

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  1. Thank you Cynthia! I have found a new blog I really like {Thirteen Threads} and I started following your blog too! {I thought I was already}
    Also I wanted to tell you I looove your Calliope! Hugs Donna


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