Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jump In - It's a Stash Swap!

Okay!  Are you ready?  You're going to enjoy participating in this!  I organized my first swap last March via my Creative ARTitude Facebook page and it was a huge success.  Now that I have a blog, I thought it would be even more fun to organize the swap here.

I had a blast going through my personal stash of art supplies and using intuition to put together a surprise for someone else, and receiving a package in the mail was exciting too - almost like Christmas!  Everyone participating felt the same. With a swap, you never know what inspirations might arrive in that little package...or how the items that you send will inspire someone else.

What can you swap?  It could be ephemera, graphics, collage sheets, cabinet cards, stickers, stencils, scrapbooking paper, fibers, beads, buttons, charms, small kits, brads, chipboard, small rubber stamps, miniatures - just about any supply from your stash that can fit into a USPS flat rate envelope. This is a large, sturdy cardboard envelope or mailer that measures 12.5 inches by 9.5 inches and the cost to mail it is only $4.95.

You'll be sending only to the person following you on the list. Once I have all of the names for participants, I'll be getting in touch with each of you with contact information for only the person following you on the list. Your contact information will only be shared with one person and won't be used for any other purpose.

When you receive the name of the person you'll be sending to, please connect with them online via email to get/give snail mail info (and maybe learn a little bit about your swap partner!) and be sure to put "Stash Swap" in the subject line so that they know your message isn't spam.  Be sure to check your junk mail folder, just in case.

To participate in the swap, simply leave your name and email (use the format kalikokitty at gmail dot com instead of kalikokitty@gmail.com) in the comments.  If you're not comfortable doing that, then send me an email (my email addie is below).  If you live outside the US, or are willing to mail outside the US or your own country, please state so in your comment.  No guarantees, but I'll do my best to find partners for any of you who are outside the US.  I'll be taking names until September 15 and will get in touch with each of you after that.

There is no specific date to mail packages, but there is a deadline - and that is September 24th.

To recap:
  • Leave your name and email in the comment section by midnight Pacific time on September 15th
  • Are you outside the US?  Please let me know!
  • Are you willing to swap with someone outside of your own country?  Let me know that as well.
  • I will contact you between September 16th and 18th to let you know who your swap partner is
  • Contact your swap partner to get their snail mail information
  • Put together your swap package
  • Mail your package no later than September 24th
  • Enjoy the anticipation of receiving and opening the package winging it's way to you!
  • As a courtesy, and to help me ensure that the swap runs smoothly, please send me an email  at CreativeARTitude at hotmail dot com when you've mailed your package, and again when you receive a package.   Hearing from each of you will help me to make sure that no one is left out or overlooked and that we've all been able to share in the positive energy and fun.
  • Practice courtesy and gratitude by letting the person who has sent a package to you know that it's been received.
If you create something using the contents of your stash swap package, I'd love to know about it so please feel free to share!  Who knows, maybe I'll be able to do a blog post sharing your creations!

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  1. Kim Hansen
    kim2360 at gmail dot com

  2. Cynthia, I messed up the last one so I'd like to swap with 5 I have tons of good swapping stuff. You can email me at Summerpoet@msn.com and I will send you back my address. I love your blog.

  3. Cynthia, I lOVED the first swap...SOoo excited to participate again! My e-mail info is: TerriKelley Palin
    tkpcreate at yahoo dot com

  4. I want to swap! I love swapping!! dfayeharris@live.com Thanks Cynthia!

  5. Ohh, I'm in! This will be my first swap so I may have a few questions, but I am super excited!
    I am in the U.S. but if the mail rate is the same I wouldn't mind swapping outside the U.S.

  6. I'd love to join this swap!

    Unfortunately, I live in Latvia/Europe.
    But I can send my stash to any country in the world.
    And hope you find somebody to send me something :)

    roturita at yahoo dot com

  7. I would like to join, sounds like fun!

    silverdragonams at gmail dot com


  8. What a great start to the list! Thank you :)
    Summerpoet, if I have enough people sign up then I'll be more than happy to assign more than one swap partner. Would you also want to receive packages from multiple people?
    Edie, I'll be happy to answer any questions! Just ask. I'll have to check the mail rates for overseas, but I'm pretty sure that they won't be the same.
    Rita, I'll definitely keep my eyes open for you! I've posted in a number of groups, etc so hopefully we'll find you a swap partner!

    And everyone, feel free to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, in your groups, etc. The more the merrier, lol!

  9. I love this idea! I would love to participate, but I'm from Serbia, so I'm not sure if anyone would like to swap with me. :)
    Thank you for organizing this swap!
    sonjistem at yahoo dot com

  10. Sonja, welcome!! I have someone in Latvia that wants to swap. Would that work?

  11. I would love to participate. I would prefer to ship to the US only.
    jessicalynfox at ymail dot com

  12. Cynthia,

    I would love to participate :) sgagos at aol dot com.


  13. This sounds like a ton of fun!! I'm in!! And I am happy to swap with anyone from any country. I sent my first international package in August so I know how to do it now!!

    reddoggrrl at gmail dot com

  14. Carol Desjarlais, shewolfnative@myfairpoint.net
    Maine, USA, will swap anywhere. I would love to swap outside USA.

  15. Why yes, this sounds like great fun! Thank you for organizing!

    Luna luna raven creations at gmail dot com

  16. denisemulligan17@yahoo.com
    Hi, I live in New York but wouldn't mind swapping outside the U.S. I also wouldn't mind swapping with two people.
    Denise (harvestmoon17@blogspot.com)

  17. hiya everyone im new to all this and would love to do a swap im in kent england and think this is great i am at
    nickeg@hotmail dot co dot uk think i done that right hehe so what do you normally put in these packages in general sorry newbie

  18. I missed the stash swap last time so I'd LOVE to join this one :D

    HannM522 at gmail dot com

  19. Kelly Hoernig
    How FUN, my first stash swap. I would love to swap with Europe even though I'm in the US.
    khblog at netnitco dot com

  20. I think Blogspot ate my last comment, apologies if this is a duplicate.

    This is Juliann. Unfortunately I am in Australia for the next month and away from my stash so I cannot participate this time. Please do let me know if you do it again! :) Best wishes!


  21. Count me in, Cyn! x

  22. I would love to participate!

    Cartermaryd at hotmail dot com

  23. Please put me on your list, I always love getting other people's stuff, it is always so much more interesting than my stuff!
    weatherscf at yahoo dot com

  24. Yes! definitely!! I am in, please :)

    michelle32720 at gmail cot com

  25. Jessica
    Creatrix and
    Michelle -
    your names are all on the list. Woohoo! We're up to 22 people now.

    Juliann, since you participated in the first swap, I'll definitely notify you of the next one. I hope you've been enjoying your extended stay in Australia!

  26. Nicke, the contents of the packages vary but you can refer to the third paragraph for lots of suggestions! If you still have questions, please ask. If you want to know whether or not something you're thinking of swapping is appropriate, you can ask that too. Hope that helps.

  27. Love this!
    I'm in Canada (Ottawa, Ontario) but am willing to mail anywhere.
    I'm also very happy and *quite* able to swap with more than 1 person I have lots of sh-tuff. lol
    sarahccooper at rogers dot com

  28. Nice to meet you Cynthia, I found you on Fb and thought I would stop by and follow. Great idea you have here on the swap. I'm going to give it some thought and see if I can get my stash together to join. More blogging fun! Hugs Marilou

  29. Hip, hip... hooray! :]
    Count me in... love to play.
    Iam in California, USA
    I would like to ship in the US, please.
    Thanks Cynthia <3
    (artistaprilcole at gmail dot com)

  30. Your name is on the list Sarah - I've got a lovely little spreadsheet with everyone's info. Thanks for letting me know you're willing to ship outside of Canada!

  31. Hi Marilou! It's nice to meet you too - and I enjoyed visiting your blogs :)
    It would be wonderful if you could join us for the swap. No pressure though, lol.

  32. Yay April!! It's nice to have you back for a second swap :)

  33. I would like to swap, sounds like fun. Anywhere is ok with me. I am at Jilliejill@aol.com.

  34. Caitlin will play ... swapping from Albuquerque NM to ... preferably in the US ...
    Just finishing up ARTbundance training ...

  35. Hi Rochelle! It's nice to have you here! Where are you located (so I can match you up with a 'sender' too)?

  36. Yay Caitlin! How fantastic that you're almost finished with your ARTbundance training!! What email address would you like to be contacted at for the swap?

  37. Please count me in too-Binda from Australia-would love to swap with another Aussie if poss as OS postage so dear! Thanks

  38. I'm in! This sounds like fun and I'd be happy to share outside the US! sellareclecs@gmail dot com

  39. It sounds like a lot a lot of fun - I've never done this before, but I do have lots of great stuff to swap.
    alli dot vainshtein@gmail dot com

  40. Hi Cynthia, I've done lots of stash swapping so I'm not going to participate, tho' it is a lot of fun. I"m following you here now from "Magical" group and hope you'll check out my blog and follow there as well.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  41. Alli, you'll have fun - both giving and receiving! So glad that you've joined us :)

  42. Hi Coleen! You're right - swaps are a lot of fun! Thanks so much for visiting and following my blog too. I love making new connections, and I've left a comment on your blog as well.

  43. Hi,
    I'm in for the swap, I live in Australia!

    katlakie1 at gmail dot com

    Waiting to hear from you.

  44. Yay Kat!! I was hoping that you'd sign up :) I've added your name and you should be hearing from me between the 16th & 18th.

  45. I'd love to participate. I'm from the US and would prefer to only swap within the country. Thanks!

    adriablack20 at gmail.com


  46. woot woot! I wanna swap! Can I swap with one person in the US and one person outside the US?? I have TOO MUCH STUFF!!

    Cary Scholes

  47. Andrea, you're in!! Glad to have you :)

    Cary, you're in as well. I received your email as well as your comment here. You weren't too late - it's only 7:41pm (Mountain time). Woohoo!

    For those of you asking to swap with more than one person, I'll do my best to match you to multiple people but can't guarantee it. I'll be using a spreadsheet to match everyone up over the next day or two and will send an email out to you with your swap partners info. We have 30 wonderful women participating - fun!!

  48. Haven't heard anything....is the swap still going ahead. I'm from Australia.

  49. Huge apologies to all of you!! My internet service went down early on the 16th and it took until today to get a technician to come out.

    A little bit of a delay, but I should be sending each of you an email sometime tomorrow.

    The deadline for sending your swap packages has been extended and is now September 30th, although you can send them prior to that.

  50. Hi Cynthia,I am in Denver CO and my email is Jilliejill@aol.com. Thanks

  51. Dang, I never received a partner in my email. Just checking...

  52. Rochelle, I need you to check your emails for messages re: the swap. You should be hearing from Debi (puddleduck), who will be sending to you. And you need to contact Jackie, who you'll be sending to.
    I don't have any info for you other than your email...

  53. loved loved loved the swap ty so much Cynthia and Robyn

  54. There are several of you who haven't responded to emails in order to provide your shipping info or get info to ship to your partners.

    For those of you who haven't been in touch, please check your junk mail folders. Any messages should have "Stash Swap" in the subject line.

    If you've mailed out a package or received a package, and haven't let me know, please get in touch with me. creativeartitude@hotmail.com

    Many, many thanks :)

  55. Good morning, Cynthia. I usually do a trip down from Alberta to Utah once a year to drive with my brother and sister-in-law. I did not go this year as I was two months sending off my youngest son to Afghanistan and did no go with them. I hope you get your swap goodies soon. I am as excited as you about you getting them...lol... let me know any time you do this. Robyn sent me glorious goodies!


Thank you for leaving your comments; I read and appreciate them all! Cynthia