Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fantastic Friday!!

Why?  No, not because it’s the weekend (although that’s nice too!).  Not because fireworks and barbeques and beer are bound to happen in celebration of the 4th of July.  Nope!  It’s going to be a fantastic Friday full of learning, laughter,  creativity, pompom shaking and glitter flinging fun because Friday (tomorrow) is the official start of The Elements of Art Journaling class!

We’re already having fun though!   With three generous bonus lessons, a bit of a party in the classroom and lots of wild, creative, wonderful  (and did I say creative?) people to share with.  Lots of encouragement; lots of warm fuzzies; lots of room for everyone, no matter where they’re at in their journey .

I’ve been in a state of excitement and anticipation all week.  I’ve prepped pages in a composition book – nice, pristine, glued and gessoed pages eagerly awaiting inspiration and color.  I’ve made a slew of background pages in a rainbow of colors.  And I’ve even organized and cleaned my creative space – woohoo!!  

It’s not too late to join us!  And seriously, you really should - I'd love to connect with you there too.  To learn more and to register, simply go to The Elements of Art Journaling

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